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40 Polish Paintings at Al Owais Cultural Foundation

Sultan Bin Al Owais Cultural Foundation in Dubai hosts a plastic arts gallery, the first of the kind in the region, which exhibits 40 paintings of Polish natural landscapes by the polish artist Franciszek Richard Mazuryk , in the demonstration of Cultural Polish days that will be set off at Al Owais Cultural Foundation in Dubai between the 20th and 22nd of current November. The event will include artistic, musical and folkloric shows, in addition to lectures and other activities. 

Mazuryk was born in 1951 in Folafsi, Poland, and studied fine arts to be a prominent painter of landscapes who reminds of the world painting giants. His style is considered as an invitation to the viewers to live in his paintings and wander about inside feeling the cold wind blowing and the sun shining over extremely beautiful plains and hills. His paintings belong to the fascinating Lublin territory that stands as a comprehensive dimension of beauty.

Mazuryk has got dozens of individual galleries around the world since mid 1980s up to now, and more than five collective galleries inside Poland and abroad, and he, personally, has got many local and international awards, and his paintings were known in many countries like Germany, France, USA, Ukraine, Britain and others, where the charm of the nature embraces the grandeur of the museums and palaces making a song that glorifies the nature and virginity of life offering people some peace away from noisy cities.